Rogers holds on to win stock feature

By NIck Schwien, Hays Daily News

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Jason Rogers Stock Feature Winner

     Sometimes you do what’s needed to win a race.

     For Jason Rogers, that meant he had to do his best blocking maneuvers Saturday night at RPM Speedway in Hays.

     It worked just enough for the stock car driver from Selden to win the feature.

     “We definitely had to block on that one,” Rogers said.

     The reason Rogers had to become defensive was because Shaylon Holloway was on a mission to get to the front and take the lead himself.

     Rogers started sixth, while Holloway started ninth. But Rogers worked his way to the front quicker.

     After Colin Heim led the first nine laps, Rogers had pulled onto his bumper and made the pass on the next circuit.

     Meanwhile, Holloway was working through the field, not cracking the top five until the fifth lap.

     But on the 12th lap, Holloway went from fourth to second by passing Colin Heim and his older brother, Chris Heim.

     “We started picking them off and found ourselves in a pretty good spot,” Holloway said. “I wish I wouldn’t have shown Rogers the bottom in three and four so soon. I think we could have had a little more for him. He started doing some heavy blocking going into three.”

     Holloway then set his sights on the leader and reeled him in, pulling even at the stripe on the 14th lap.

     “I got a little impatient there and showed him the bottom,” Holloway said. “I think if I would have been a little more patient, but I knew we were running out of laps and I didn’t know how many were left. I’m kind of kicking myself afterwards, but hindsight is 20-20. I wish I would have been a little more patient and not shown him the bottom down here. I think we could have made it a hell of a finish.”

     Rogers knew Holloway was right behind him.

     “I caught a glimpse of him,” he said. “I knew he was coming.”

     The two battled during the final laps, and on the final circuit, Holloway tried to get below Rogers entering the third turn.

     But Rogers was able to pull low enough to block him, and the two made slight contact.

     Rogers was able to inch ahead enough to win.

     “I knew it was,” Rogers said about the final lap being close. “I took the white, and I just held it wide open and prayed a little bit.

     “He’s good this year. He’s on it this year. He’s impressive.”

     Holloway said it was a fun battle for the win, despite the outcome.

     “I would pull below him going down the front stretch, and he’d end up on the top down there,” he said. “I had a good run off the bottom of two, and we were drag racing. It made a pretty good race, I guess.”

     Chris Heim finished third, followed by Colin Heim in fourth.

     “Hopefully we’re putting in a new motor next week,” said Rogers, who noted his motor is the same one he won Fall Nationals with last year. “This thing is so tired, I had to do something to block.”

     ‒ Dakota Sproul did what he needed to do in the Northern sport mod feature to win. He took the lead from Adam Weber on the eighth lap and led the rest of the way. He was pressured by Blaine Walt the final few laps, but Walt never could get a run to get around Sproul. Weber was third, with Tracy Holloway fourth.

     ‒ In a caution-filled modified feature, Kyle Rohleder inherited the lead near the halfway point when Marty Clark’s car died on the front stretch during a caution — ending Clark’s night after he led the first nine laps. Rohleder led the rest of the way to win again at RPM. Clay Money came from his 10th-place starting spot to finish second, followed by Daniel Gottschalk and Mike Petersilie.

     ‒ Brady Bencken got by Duane Wahrman on the 11th lap of the hobby stock feature to propel himself to the win. Wahrman finished second, with Zach Olmstead third and Brian Stich fourth.

     ‒ Toby Schwien started fourth in the sport compact feature and worked his way to the front quickly en route to the win. Monte Honas was second, followed by Brooke Russell and Art Herzog.

     ‒ Justin Yarmer power the duo’s cruiser to the feature win. Cody Hoss was second, followed by Tanner Long and Jeff McQuade.

     ‒ Racing returns to RPM Speedway on Aug. 26.