New winners in Victory Lane

By Mike Hughes

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Modified Feature Winner, #1M Cody Gearhart, Turpin, OK

     Several new faces appeared in victory lane at RPM Speedway in Hays, KS, Saturday evening, August 13.

     In the Gib’s Auto Supply IMCA Modified A-feature, William Nusser led the opening lap before Nate Moore took over the top spot.  Moore continued to lead through a caution period on lap 14 when ‘The Frye Man’ Tyler Frye came to a stop.  After the restart, heat two winner Cody Gearhart of Turpin, OK, took command and drove on for the win.  Mike Petersilie finished second, followed by Moore, Corey Lagroon and Jared Hoefelman.  Other heat race winners were Clay ‘The Money Man’ Money and Jimmy Reeves, while Josh McGana of Abilene, TX, was first to the checkers in the B-feature.

     Josh Crombie jumped to the early lead in the Advantage Glass Plus IMCA Stock Car feature and continued to lead at the halfway mark in the 20-lap event.  Then on lap 12, Jason Rogers of Selden (who won the previous night at Salina), took the lead and was able to pull away for the win and the division’s point lead.  Heat two winner Kyle Pfeifer finished in the runner-up spot, trailed by Jason Schoenberger, Trevor ‘The Hit Man’ Schmidt, and Nolan Remus.  Schmidt and Perry Misner won the other two heat races.

     Adam Weber took the lead at the drop of the green in the Golden B Hydra Drilling IMCA Sport Mod main event but gave way to Tyler Watts on lap 4.  Watts led past the halfway mark in the 20-lap race before heat 3 winner Trenton Kleweno of Hays drove by.  Kleweno continued to lead to the checkers, with Dakota Sproul, Watts, Jeremy Sigler and Shane Meeks completing the top five.  Sproul, Brian Fink and Tracy Holloway were also victorious in their heat races, with Rodger Peck topping the B-feature.

     The 20-lap Golden Plains Trucking IMCA Hobby Stock A-feature saw Oakley’s Brady Bencken score his second victory at the 3/8-mile oval.  Daniel Irwin led the opening lap before heat two winner Duane Wahrman made the pass.  Wahrman pulled away but Bencken worked his way to second and chased Wahrman, then made the winning pass on lap 17.  ‘The Wild Child’ Garrett Hager passed Wahrman for second, with Eric Cross and heat one winner Andrew Burg fourth and fifth.

     Richard Crow of Grand Island, NE, made the long haul worthwhile as he scored the win in the Cutting Edge Collisions IMCA Sport Compact feature.  Crow passed early leader Billy Turner on lap 4 of the 12-lap race.  Turner was second, followed by Brandon Wise, Jakob Schwein and Kirk Pfannenstiel.  Heat race winners were Randy Murphy, Turner, and Amber Bird.

     The Radke Implement ‘Crazy’ Cruiser division saw Dalton & Dee Bauer of Ness City take the lead from heat race winners Justin Yarmer & Levi Ryan to score the win.

     The School Buses were also on hand and Mike Wagner was victorious.

     Hess Services Inc. was the evening’s race sponsor.

     Racing action returns to RPM Speedway on Saturday, August 27.  The points races are up for grabs.  Race time is 7:00 p.m.



IMCA Modifieds

Heat race winners: Clay Money, Cody Gearhart, Jimmy Reeves.

B-Feature (top 5 advance): 1. Josh McGana, 2. Tyler Frye, 3. Kyle Rohleder, 4. Dylan Sherfick, 5. Ronnie Hill, 6. Joel Lane, 7. Todd Schwarz, 8. Danny Keller, 9. Matt Henke (DNF), 10. Kaid Calhoon (DNS), 11. Matt Fabrizius (DNS).

A-Feature: 1. Gearhart, 2. Mike Petersilie, 3. Nate Moore, 4. Corey Lagroon, 5. Jared Hoefelman, 6. Jesse Richter, 7. Money, 8. Sherfick, 9. Reeves, 10. Clinton Hockersmith, 11. Brian Knoell, 12. Frye, 13. Hill, 14. David Solberg, 15. Joel Lane, 16. Brian Calhoon (DNF), 17. Tim Watts (DNF), 18. McGana (DNF), 19. Rohleder (DNF), 20. Kurtis Pihl (DNF), 21. William Nusser (DNF).

IMCA Stock Cars

Heat race winners: Trevor Schmidt, Kyle Pfeifer, Perry Misner.

Feature: 1. Jason Rogers, 2. Pfeifer, 3. Jason Schoenberger, 4. Schmidt, 5. Nolan Remus, 6. Josh Crombie, 7. Kevin Gray, 8. Shaylon Holloway, 9. Misner, 10. Cody Zimmerman, 11. Ondre Rexford, 12. Jason Davis, 13. Robert Rutherford, 14. Brady Bauer, 15. Kevin Wagoner, 16. Ryan Wark, 17. Arnold Williams (DNF), 18. Chad Sterling (DNF), 19. Bruce Plumisto (DNF).

IMCA Sport Mods

Heat race winners: Dakota Sproul, Brian Fink, Trenton Kleweno, Tracy Holloway.

B-Feature (top 4 advance): 1. Rodger Peck, 2. Toby Witthuhn, 3. Triston Barton, 4. Brian Davidson, 5. Brady Skrdlant, 6. Steve Dent, 7. Madison Reed, 8. Kyle Pfeifer (DNF), 9. Cody Stefanski (DNS).

Feature: 1. Kleweno, 2. Sproul, 3. Tyler Watts, 4. Jeremy Sigler, 5. Shane Meeks, 6. Peck, 7. Blaine Walt, 8. Holloway, 9. Fink, 10. Cody Pancake, 11. C.J. Pfannenstiel, 12. Witthuhn, 13. J.R. Ewing, 14. Adam Weber (DNF), 15. Davidson (DNF), 16. Daniel Gottschalk (DNF), 17. Jasen Gray (DNF), 18. Kamren Gruber (DNF), 19. Brendon Damon (DNF), 20. Barton (DNF).

IMCA Hobby Stocks

Heat race winners: Andrew Burg, Duane Wahrman.

Feature: 1. Brady Bencken, 2. Garrett Hager, 3. Wahrman, 4. Eric Cross, 5. Burg, 6. Leon Pfannenstiel, 7. Colton Pfeifer, 8. Robert Leonard, 9. Shay Simoneau, 10. Cody Graham, 11. Josh Barnhart, 12. Daniel Irwin, 13. Mike Kennedy, 14. Mark Normandin, 15. Monte Honas, 16. Jason McClung (DNF).

IMCA Sport Compacts

Heat race winners: Randy Murphy, Billy Turner, Amber Bird.

Feature: 1. Richard Crow, 2. Turner, 3. Brandon Wise, 4. Jakob Schwein, 5. Kirk Pfannenstiel, 6. Brooke Russell, 7. Murphy, 8. Ashlyn Bird, 9. Jason McIntyre, 10. Braxton Berry, 11. Art Herzog, 12. Lezley Tubbs, 13. Paul Whittenburg, 14. Tayler Watts (DNF), 15. Tim Bouchey (DNF), 16. Kiowa Higdon (DNF), 17. Andrew Soderlund (DNF), 18. Amber Bird (DNF), 19. Lyle Russell (DNS).


Heat winner: Justin Yarmer/Levi Ryan.

Feature: 1. Dalton Bauer/Dee Bauer, 2. Yarmer/Ryan, 3. Cody Hoss/Keith Long (DNF).


Feature: Mike Wagner.