Herbert wins Wheatshocker Nationals

By Mike Hughes

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     Brian Herbert of Dodge City pulled off a sweep in the annual Wheatshocker Nationals at RPM Speedway in Hays this past Saturday & Sunday, July 16-17, during the fair races at Ellis County Speedway.

     In the Sunday night URSS main event, Jed Warner looked to have the $2,000 winner’s check in sight.  Warner took the lead from Koby Walters on the second lap of the 30-lap event.  The red flag came out on lap 4 when Taylor Velasquez rolled.  He was alright but done for the night.  Warner pulled away on the restart and continued to lead at the halfway mark.  Then with 4 laps to go, Tracy Hill came to a stop to bring out a caution period.  Herbert, who was running second, took advantage on the restart and shot to the lead and held on for the win.  Walters finished second, followed by Luke Cranston, Darren Berry and Mike Peters. 

     Herbert, of Dodge City, also inherited the win on Saturday night when winner John Carney failed post-race tech.  Herbert, who ran second, was then the official winner, with Zach Blurton, Warner, Walters and Cranston rounding out the top five.  Carney had taken the lead on lap 5 after a restart and powered away to the checkers.

     In other action on Sunday night, defending Gib’s Auto Supply IMCA Modified track champion ‘Dynamite’ Dylan Sherfick took the lead on lap 8 and went on to the winner’s circle and a $1,000 payday.  Cody Gearhart led the first 7 laps before he drove off turn 1 to bring out a caution, and giving the Wakeeney driver the lead on the restart.  Tyler ‘the Frye Man’ Frye was second to Sherfick, followed by Eddie Belec, Kyle Rohleder, and Mike Petersilie.

     Also on Sunday night, Selden’s Jason Rogers took the lead on lap 17 in the 20-lap Advantage Glass Plus IMCA Stock Car feature and held on for his second win at the 3/8-mile oval this season.  Michael Pepper and Shaylon ‘Hollywood’ Holloway ran side-by-side at the drop of the green with Pepper leading lap one and Holloway lap 2.  Holloway continued to lead at the halfway mark with Rogers now in second.  Rogers then shot to the front with 3 laps to go for the victory.  Chad Sterling finished in the runner-up spot, followed by Holloway, Jason Schoenberger and Casey ‘The Weiner’ Woken.

     In Saturday night action, Colby’s Dustin Daniels took the lead on lap 17 in the Golden B Hydra Drilling IMCA Sport Mod main event when leader Dakota Sproul went to the pits.  Tanner Portenier, Blaine Walt, Trenton Kleweno and Daniel Gottschalk completed the top 5.

     The 20-lap Golden Plains Trucking IMCA Hobby Stock A-feature saw Andrew Burg of Carlisle, IA, win his third race in a row.  Burg took advantage of his pole starting position and led from green to checkered.  Shay Simoneau chased Burg the entire distance but had to settle for second.  ‘Bam Bam’ Cody Graham returned to finish third, followed by Brady Bencken and Colton Pfeifer.

     Russell’s Toby Schwein led all 12 laps in the Cutting Edge Collision IMCA Sport Compact feature that had lots of action.  The first came on lap 2 when Amber Bird rolled.  Bird was okay but done for the night.  Then the red came out again on lap 6 when Jakob Schwein’s car caught on fire during a caution period.  At the checkers, it was Toby Schwein, Braxton Berry, Billy Turner, Art Herzog and Brandon Wise.

     The Radke Implement ‘Crazy’ Cruiser division saw the father-son team of Brian & Shaylon Holloway of Osborne score win #4 on the season.  Shaun Woods & Harlan Kuntzch were second, and Justin Yarmer & Levi Ryan third.

     Racing action returns to RPM Speedway on Saturday, August 13.  It will be ‘Ladies Night’ and all ladies will be admitted free in the grandstands.


RESULTS (Saturday)

IMCA Modifieds

Heat race winners: Kyle Rohleder, Dylan Sherfick, Tyler Frye.

Feature: 1. Sherfick, 2. Frye, 3. Eddie Belec, 4. Rohleder, 5. Mike Petersilie, 6. David Murray, 7. Clay Money, 8. Chris Bragg, 9. Ronnie Hill, 10. Jesse Richter, 11. Tim Watts, 12. Marty Clark, 13. Brian Calhoon, 14. Nick Link, 15. Kaid Calhoon, 16. Rob Day, 17. Jimmy Reeves, 18. Todd Schwarz, 19. Tracy Link, 20. William Nusser (DNF), 21. Cody Gearhart (DNF).

IMCA Stock Cars

Heat race winners: Jason Davis, Jason Schoenberger.

Feature: 1. Jason Rogers, 2. Chad Sterling, 3. Shaylon Holloway, 4. Schoenberger, 5. Casey Woken, 6. Davis, 7. B.J. Wagoner, 8. Austin Carter, 9. Robert Rutherford, 10. Aaron Gray, 11. Kyle Pfeifer, 12. Bruce Plumisto, 13. Cody Zimmerman, 14. Tanner Portenier (DNF), 15. Michael Pepper (DNF), 16. Perry Misner (DNF), 17. Trevor Schmidt (DNF).

URSS Sprints

Heat race winners: Mike Peters, John Carney, Kris Moore.

B-Feature #1 (top 6 advance): 1. Carney, 2. Ty Williams, 3. Steven Richardson, 4. John Webster, 5. Jeff Radcliffe, 6. Nate Berry, 7. Kaden Taylor, 8. Kevin Schramek, 9. Craig Jecha, 10. Michael Beckerman, 11. Ryan Walters.

B-Feature #2 (top 6 advance): 1. Peters, 2. Jake Bubak, 3. Taylor Velasquez, 4. J.D. Johnson, 5. Jeremy Huish, 6. Tracy Hill, 7. Jordan Randels, 8. Austin McClean, 9. Moore, 10. Aaron Ploussard, 11. Cody Lampe, 12. Kade Hagens.

A-Feature: 1. Brian Herbert, 2. Koby Walters, 3. Luke Cranston, 4. Darren Berry, 5. Peters, 6. Bubak, 7. Zach Blurton, 8. Williams, 9. Jed Warner, 10. Keefe Hemel, 11. Webster, 12. Huish, 13. Richardson, 14. Hill, 15. Radcliffe, 16. Carner (DNF), 17. Lance Davis (DNF), 18. N. Berry (DNF), 19. Johnson (DNF), 20. Velasquez (DNF).

RESULTS (Friday)

IMCA Sport Mods

Heat race winners: Trenton Kleweno, Tanner Portenier, Blaine Walt.

Feature: 1. Dustin Daniels, 2. Portenier, 3. Walt, 4. Kleweno, 5. Daniel Gottschalk, 6. Mike Appel, 7. Brian Conness, 8. Adam Weber, 9. Shane Meeks, 10. Tyler Watts, 11. Matthew Crowell, 12. Brian Davidson, 13. Pat Bedore, 14. J.R. Ewing, 15. Jasen Gray, 16. Kamren Gruber (DNF), 17. Dakota Sproul (DNF), 18. Madison Reed (DNF), 19. Brady Skrdlant (DNF), 20. Adam Stenzel (DNF), 21. Jacob Crowell (DNF), 22. Brian Fink (DNF).

IMCA Hobby Stocks

Heat race winners: Andrew Burg, Travis Coop, Colton Pfeifer.

Feature: 1. Burg, 2. Shay Simoneau, 3. Cody Graham, 4. Brady Bencken, 5. Pfeifer, 6. Robert Leonard, 7. Austin Tammen, 8. John Annon, 9. Eric Cross, 10. Daniel Irwin, 11. Leon Pfannenstiel, 12. Josh Barnhart, 13. Michael Smith, 14. Brett Henke, 15. Coop (DNF), 16. Cody Williams (DNF), 17. Duane Wahrman (DNF), 18. Nicole Woods (DNF), 19. Lyle Russell (DNF), 20. Jacob Huse (DNF).

IMCA Sport Compacts

Heat race winners: Art Herzog, Jakob Schwein.

Feature: 1. Toby Schwein, 2. Braxton Berry, 3. Billy Turner, 4. Herzog, 5. Brandon Wise, 6. Cody Lilly, 7. Randy Murphy, 8. Lyle Russell, 9. Andrew Soderlund, 10. Tayler Watts (DNF), 11. J. Schwein (DNF), 12. Lezley Tubbs (DNF), 13. Paul Whittenburg (DNF), 14. Amber Bird (DNF), 15. Tim Bouchey (DNF).


Heat winner: Justin Yarmer/Levi Ryan.

Feature: 1. Brian Holloway/Shaylon Holloway, 2. Shaun Woods/Harlan Kuntsch, 3. Yarmer/Ryan, 4. Cody Hoss/Keith Long (DNF), 5. Jeff McQuade/Justin Schwein (DNF).


Feature: Mike Wagner.

URSS Sprints

Heat race winners: John Carney, John Webster, Zach Blurton.

B-Feature (top 10 to A): 1. Steve Richardson, 2. Jeremy Huish, 3. Darren Berry, 4. Jeff Radcliffe, 5. Luke Cranston, 6. Ryan Walters, 7. Nate Berry, 8. Tracy Hill, 9. Kris Moore, 10. Lance Davis, 11. Craig Yecha, 12. Jordan Randels, 13. Kevin Schramek, 14. Michael Beckerman, 15. Aaron Ploussard.

A-Feature: 1. Brian Herbert, 2. Blurton, 3. Jeff Warner, 4. Koby Walters, 5. Cranston, 6. D. Berry, 7. Keefe Hemel, 8. Davis, 9. Webster, 10. Richardson, 11. Kaden Taylor, 12. Radcliffe, 13. Moore, 14. Hill, 15. Austin McClean, 16. R. Walters, 17. Huish (DNF), 18. N. Berry (DNF), 19. Mike Peters (DNF), DQ: Carney.